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    Brazil Microlot - Alessandro Hervaz APAS

    This microlot is a limited single origin from the APAS growers co-op. I had the immense pleasure of meeting the farmer Alessandro on his farm in Brazil. His coffee shows excellent attention to detail and is wonderful as a filter or espresso coffee.

    Small farmers in Brazil are under immense pressure at the moment as the COVID-19 situation develops for them. Finding people to pick coffee is difficult and the economic climate in Brazil is very bleak.

    We have collaborated with Minas Hill to arrange for a full $1 from every kilo of this coffee we purchase to go directly back to providing essential supplies to the APAS community of farmers in Brazil. We donated 50c for every kilo we bought and Minas Hill matched it. Once we factor in the lost weight due to roasting this will mean that for every kilo you purchase around $1.22 will go back to the farmers to support them in this time.

    Tasting Notes: Sweet and Bright with honey and fruit.

    250g for $15
    500g for $25
    1kg for $40

    Free Shipping on orders over $50 to Perth Metro Area