Aeropress Masterclass Part One - Water temperature

Aeropress Masterclass Part One - Water temperature

In this series I'll work through all the tiny things that I've noticed about brewing Aeropress coffee over the last 3 years of brewing with one.

Because I consider it to be the most stable variable I'm beginning with water temperature. Once you've got your preferences for water temp it's pretty much set and forget. Unless, like me, you want to change it just for fun.

First you need an accurate measurement for your water temperature. The simplest way is to bring your kettle to the boil and start a timer as soon as it 'clicks'. You can then achieve consistent results by using the same length of time from when your kettle comes of the boil. Over time you may find you develop a 6th sense that tells when the water is ready. For now use a timer. Or you could also use a thermometer. Your call.

The graph below really doesn't hold any surprises... the hotter the water the stronger the brew. The real trick is choosing which point to accept the water temp and move on to other variables.

Impact of Water Temperature on Aeropress Brew 

Choose a random starting temperature and taste your coffee. (Use 250ml of water with a 1 minute brew and 1 Aeropress scoop for now. Choose a grind size as described in the quick start guide) Now dial the temperature in based on the body the coffee shows. The focus here is how the flavour rests on your pallet. Once the body of the coffee seems to plateau then you've probably hit the ideal temp. I exaggerated in the graph to emphasise my point. Try to find the point immediately before the plateau. Once you've got as close to that as you can manage it's time to move on to other variables and revisit temperature later if needed.

Tomorrow I'll talk about grind size. This is where the real fun begins.

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