What do bananas and coffee have in common?

What do bananas and coffee have in common?

Bananas and coffee have a lot in common.
Both are made from plants. Both are really tasty.
They grow in similar conditions and they're both green (and also brown).
Bananas taste better on some days than others and so does coffee.

And so with this new information, we can now answer a question. How long does coffee last? Huh? Yes, I think we can answer this question with bananas.


So. How long does coffee last?

As long as you enjoy drinking it. Everyone has a preference for how old they like bananas. Some people like them green and crunchy. Others like them black and mushy. I like them yellow. But if you want to eat the green bananas then go for it.

It's the same with coffee. Some reject coffee after 2 days. Others like their coffee roasted in Italy 7 years ago. I prefer my coffee within 25 days of roasting. And that is when I recommend you drink it.

(You'll find roast dates for our coffee on the back of the bag)

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