Quick-start Aeropress

Quick-start Aeropress

So you've got an Aeropress? Great! Now what?

Here's a quick run down on how this bad boy works.

Coffee - Water - Brew - Press - Drink

That's about it really. As a general rule use 1 scoop of coffee per cup you wish to brew (the scoop is supplied with Aeropress). Oh and you need to put the paper filter on as well otherwise things can get pretty messy...


There could be a little more to it but that's all you need to know to start... if that seems to be enough info for you then get brewing. If you want a few (3) more tips then keep reading below.


Hot Tip #1 The grind size of your coffee should be somewhere between castor sugar and couscous. The smaller the grind size the stronger the coffee. Different coffees taste better with different grinds.

Hot Tip #2 Don't use boiling water let the kettle sit for a minute after you boil it. This makes it easier to brew your coffee without it getting overly bitter.

Hot Tip #3 Experiment with different volumes of water for brewing sometimes the coffee tastes better if you brew the coffee with less water and then dilute it with hot water from the kettle to get to your desired strength.


The material in this article will help you get delicious coffee sooner with minimal fuss. However there's more to come. If you want more fuss, watch this space, I'll instruct you in the secret ways of the Aeropress masters in the coming weeks.

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