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PH of Cold Brew Coffee


When a company does a ‘scientific’ study on the benefits of their own product I tend to be a little sceptical.  According to Toddy, (a company that sells a fancy gadget to replace a jar) cold brewed coffee is 67% less acidic than regular coffee. The only evidence they provide is their own word that they’ve done a scientific study.

So I thought I’d conduct a scientific study of my own.

I bought a PH meter and brewed a batch of french press and a batch of cold brew from the same beans.


Cold brew on the left vs. french press on the right

I then tested the PH of both:

The cold brew PH is 0.3 higher than the french press, this makes it less acidic.

PH is calculated using maths that I don't really understand.
What I did manage to learn is that a PH difference of 0.3 is about 2X the acidity. So, cold brew is much lower in acid than regular coffee.

Now before I toss out my kettle I need to check the strength of the coffee.
Below you can see strength as a percentage of dissolved solids.
Cold brew on the left, french press on the right:

The Cold Brew is weaker.
I can't determine an exact figure because my meter isn't accurate enough

But it appears that the PH of cold brew is more than 50% lower in acidity. 
Should we all drink cold brew because it has a lower PH?
I'll leave that up to you to decide. I like any type of coffee, whatever the PH.


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  • Nicholas Hind
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