How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

One of the best things about summer is Cold Brew Coffee! It's quick and easy and is my favourite way to make an iced coffee. Here I will unveil to you my latest brewing ratios and recipes.  

Here is how I make it at home with very little equipment.
You'll need coffee - any will do. I recommend you try a few different beans to see what suits your taste. My favourite at the moment is the Brasil Dolce Cerrado

Use a coarse grind about the same size as raw sugar.


To brew your base concentrate use 1 part ground coffee to 4 parts water (by weight) place it in any sealed container that you'll be able to get clean after brewing - I recommend a glass jar.

I brew at room temperature for 24 Hours (yep - that long).
You might also like to try brewing in the fridge and with shorter or longer times.
Once the brew time is up don't stir the brew, just pour coffee from the jar into a coffee filter until you've got most of the liquid and wait for all the coffee to filter through. You can use any filter, but paper is best. At this point you will have a concentrate you can use to make tasty iced coffees!

(If you don't have any filter coffee brewers in your house you can pick up any paper coffee filter from the supermarket and improvise.)


So now you have it what do you do with it?

You can serve it over ice for a punchy yet refreshing caffeine hit or use it as a base for delicious coffee concoctions.


Here's 3 of my favourite (very simple) recipes:

  1. One part coffee to 4 parts sparkling water
  2. One part coffee to 4 parts milk
  3. One part coffee to 3 parts tonic water with lemon to taste

You can adjust the ratios to adjust the strength as desired.
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