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How to make Chai Latte at Home


This is the how-to guide to accompany our loose leaf chai blend so you can enjoy chai latte in the comfort of your own home. There are more convenient methods that are faster and make less mess. This is not that method. This is how to make the most delicious chai.

Step 1)

Measure out one rounded tablespoon of loose leaf chai for every cup you're brewing into a small saucepan. Don't skimp on the tea use a full tablespoon or 5 grams if you're using accurate scales.

Step 2)

Add 300mL of milk to the saucepan for every cup of chai you're making.

Step 3)

Bring to a frothy boil on a medium heat stirring occasionally.


Step 4)

Strain the chai into a mug and add honey to taste. Enjoy!



Cheats Method:

Brew one tablespoon of chai tea with 150mL of boiled water for 3 minutes using a tea infuser. Then strain and add milk to top up. Bring to drinking temperature in the microwave, add honey, and you're done.

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  • Nicholas Hind
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