Recipe - How to make sparkling iced coffee

Recipe - How to make sparkling iced coffee

This recipe shows you how to make what I think may be may favourite summer coffee.
Iced coffee spritzer. There's something really 'cool' about opening the fridge grabbing some concentrate and a bottle of sparkling water and throwing together this coffee to start my morning, maybe because it reminds me of making cordial as a kid. Plus I can do it with my eyes closed (although sometimes that does mean that the coffee is a touch strong.)

Here's the recipe:

First-up make a double strength batch of cold coffee concentrate by using half the water in the recipe. Here (If you do not have a filter for this recipe just grab any coffee filter paper from the supermarket and improvise.)


Once you've got your concentrate you just need to dilute it at about 1 to 5 with sparkling water, I use a soda stream.


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