Aeropress Masterclass Part Two - Grind Size

Aeropress Masterclass Part Two - Grind Size

To get the most from any coffee brewing method you need to understand the impact of grind size. Aeropress is no exception.

The science of how certain grind sizes impact taste is irrelevant to this article. We're focussing only on taste.  You need to find a grind size that helps achieve the desired results for each individual brew. The process is simple.

Make coffee, taste coffee.
Make a change, taste the change.
Repeat as desired.

Here's a chart to quickly show you how grind size effects flavour.
If your grind is too fine you'll get the flavours on the left.
Too coarse and you'll taste the flavours on the right hand side. 

Impact of Grind on Aeropress Brew

(Note: if you are finding you get flavours from both sides of the chart you'll need to make a choice which one do you dislike the most. Then move away from that flavour. Later posts in this series will teach ways around that issue)

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