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    One of the best things about summer is Cold Brew Coffee! It's quick and easy and is my favourite way to make an iced coffee. Here I will unveil to you my latest brewing ratios and recipes.

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    In this series I'll work through all the tiny things that I've noticed about brewing Aeropress coffee over the last 3 years of brewing with one.

    Because I consider it to be the most stable variable I'm beginning with water temperature. Once you've got your preferences for water temp it's pretty much set and forget. Unless, like me, you want to change it just for fun.

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    So you've got an Aeropress? Great! Now what?

    Here's a quick run down on how this bad boy works.

    Coffee - Water - Brew - Press - Drink

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    When a company does a ‘scientific’ study on the benefits of their own product I tend to be a little sceptical.  According to Toddy, (a company that sells a fancy gadget to replace a jar) cold brewed coffee is 67% less acidic than regular coffee. The only evidence they provide is their own word that they’ve done a scientific study.

    So I thought I’d conduct a scientific study of my own.

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