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My Story

My Story

Nic HindIt was at Dome Cafe in Cottesloe that my coffee obession began. I caught the coffee bug when I got on the machine by chance one day while the manager did a stocktake. I became a student of coffee and set out to learn all I could about this new passion.

I eventually got a job as a barista at The Beaufort Street Merchant in Highgate. Pursuing my love of coffee with renewed vigour. I did training courses at both the WA Barista Academy and Epic Espresso.

I practiced at home and competed in the regionals for the World Barista Championship. Through this
 I discovered Crema Gourmet Coffee Roasters and started working there in February ’09. By April I was roasting coffee.

It was the perfect opportunity. Perth coffee boomed and it got even better! By mid 2010 I was roasting nearly every day. But after 4 years at Crema I had a thought… what if I started my own roastery? 

So in 2014 I started Precision Coffee.

I now roast beautiful coffees from all over the world with a focus on quality and unlocking the beauty in every bean. Whether that’s a rich, aromatic Colombian or a zesty Kenyan Micro-lot. Every day is a new coffee adventure and the coffee bug doesn't look like ever leaving.

Thank you for reading. 


PS. Want a tour of a coffee roastery? You're welcome to visit me at the warehouse for a tour and a cup of coffee or two. I'm not always there so you'll need to call ahead.

Click here to request a booking.

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